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Happy Dance…It’s Almost Here!!!

Stay close!  The book, “The Happiness Handbook” is just about ready.  This fall you’ll be able to get it on ipad, Kindle and print on demand!

Yesterday, I just did my very first pre-launch talk about the book at the Raise My Vibes workshop.  We got to do 3 exercises for the book, including taking a crack at your own Happy Dance!  And the men in the room verified that the Happy Dance does indeed give the right positive reinforcement for happy making events they provide!

The Authenticity of Sorrow

Why start a blog about happiness with a post about sorrow?

Well, if I had started from happiness I probably would have never written a book about happiness. I’m also guessing that most people don’t google “happiness” when they are happy!  So, let’s start the blog here, at “not quite happy”.

Plus, I recently had a sorrow inducing event. My book’s about to come out and I’m launching this blog about happiness and…I have been less than happy.

I took out my book and I looked at the things that make me happy and I just wasn’t there with it.  It wasn’t time to “turn the frown upside down” (I hate that line!). I needed the space to cry – actually weeping would be more correct!  I needed to get angry and allow myslef to be angry. It didn’t feel right to just stuff all that emothio and just “be happy”. That didn’t feel authentic to me.

I wanted to choose happiness – but not at the expense of avoiding or ignoring what was really going on.  So, I’m hanging with it.

Next time – Techniques for moving anger and sorrow.