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The Truth About Chocolate

With Valentines Day just around the corner here’s a little help with chocolate.

As you may have observed, many woman have a thing for chocolate. Don’t ask, we don’t know why.  Yes, it tastes good but it’s more than that…it feels good.

That said, we can really get in trouble with chocolate. If you buy us a box, we’ll eat it and then we’ll complain for a week about how “fat” we feel.  You know you don’t wanna go down that road.

So, depending on your girl, perhaps try either:

  • a smaller box (2-4) or
  • Keep the big box well hidden at your place and occasionally treat us with 1-2 tasty snacks.  BUT don’t tell us you are doing this.  There’s a million ways that can go wrong for you!

Two of my favorite chocolatiers:

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That’s my 2cents.  Your thoughts?


Image purchased from istockphoto.