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What Women Want – Love

At the root core, I think this this is what we all want – to be loved by someone else.  We feel important and seen.

The tricky thing is…everyone’s language of love is different.

For example, when I go visiting my folks, I feel loved when we sit down and chat and are focused on one another.  But my mom feels loved by being in the kitchen and cooking up a storm.

Being loving makes her feel loved. But when she does that, I feel bit abandoned I’m not the focus and it’s difficult to focus on her while she’s multi-tasking or I’m helping.

It ever so slightly changes the dynamic and that energetic flow/connection we talked earlier. So, we don’t have the same love language.

It was a great eye opener when we realized this disconnect.

How do you figure out what makes someone feel loved?

Ask them. They’ll give you the right answer.

But remember, with the next person you date…the love language will change so you can’t assume it’s the same (actually, that’s really dangerous territory!). So, you have to ask again.

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The Truth About Chocolate

With Valentines Day just around the corner here’s a little help with chocolate.

As you may have observed, many woman have a thing for chocolate. Don’t ask, we don’t know why.  Yes, it tastes good but it’s more than that…it feels good.

That said, we can really get in trouble with chocolate. If you buy us a box, we’ll eat it and then we’ll complain for a week about how “fat” we feel.  You know you don’t wanna go down that road.

So, depending on your girl, perhaps try either:

  • a smaller box (2-4) or
  • Keep the big box well hidden at your place and occasionally treat us with 1-2 tasty snacks.  BUT don’t tell us you are doing this.  There’s a million ways that can go wrong for you!

Two of my favorite chocolatiers:

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That’s my 2cents.  Your thoughts?


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What Women Want – Connection

What is connection?

It’s the invisible path of energy/love/warmth/compassion/good feelings between two people.  Notice the word two people. When you’re in a romantic relationship with a women this is a closed loop.  That’s why some women go all wonky when they sense your energy path of warmth zoom over to another woman.  It’s a closed loop.  We are secure, confident and without worry when it’s a closed loop.  Open the loop, it all goes to hell.  Don’t believe me…try it and see (however, please note that I’m not recommending it!)

What makes a women feel connected with you?

Gosh darn it, it’s gonna be different for each amazing woman.  The biggest tip here is this:

When you first start dating someone:

  • Watch what actions you do/words you say that light her up (she’s feeling the most connected to you now.
  • Memorize this
  • Keep doing those things…especially after you’ve been together awhile

Are there “standard” things that make a woman feel connected?

I’ll start the list, please add in your own observations in the comments.

  • Touch.  But be careful, there are two kinds of touch.
    • There’s the type of touch (ex: hand on hand, or shoulder) when you are just sharing warmth or compassion. We can sense that you are giving to us and not asking anything in return.
    • Then there’s the touch that says “yo baby, let’s go get frisky“.  That’s good too but be clear that we know you are wanting something from us, this feels more like you are taking than giving.  On a day that’s been really tough with too much to do, if you start with this type of touch, you’re gonna be disappointed in the end result.
  • Conversation. You talk to us, share your day and your feelings.  I’m sorry, I know this isn’t the default for many guys
    but when women talk to other women – it’s the sharing of feelings that make us feel connected.  I’ll talk more about talking and feelings in another blog.

    • By the way, if we have to drag the conversation out of you, you really lose point.  Here’s what that sounds like: “Hi, how was your day?” “Fine” “What did you do today?” “Same ole, same ole” “Did you see your friends?” “Yeah“.  Ok, this…this doesn’t make us feel connected.  It feels like there’s a brick wall between us and our warm energy path of connection is being rejected.
  • Laughter, especially when it’s around a shared experience or shared memory. It feels like we’re in an exclusive club because, again, that energy pathway is just between us.
  • Being A Team.  This makes us feel like we’re in “it” (life) together, working on shared goals, achieving them and having help and support getting there.

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Anything else you’d add to the list?


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What Women Want

Before you get to excited about the great mystery of the world being revealed here, it must be said that every woman has her own list of what she wants.

But here’s a start at a couple common threads that weave through us sassy chics.

What Women Want


Ok, let’s start with this list and explore each of these in more detail and define what each concept means.

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Anything else you’d add to the list?


Dos and Don’ts for Ending The First Date

At some point the first date comes to an end and you’ve got two options:

  • It went well and you really want to see her again
  • It was a disaster (or she didn’t meet your criteria) and you want to avoid her at all costs

Here’s a couple dos and don’ts for wrapping up the date.

It Went Well

  • Thank her for a nice time
  • Tell her you want to see her again AND you can even say “Does next Friday work for you?”
    • If she says yes, the date actually did go well
    • If she stalls, it might not have gone as well as you thought
  • What about physical contact?  (Let’s assume this is the “not a one night stand” option).
    • “Always leave them wanting more” is great advice.  So, you could do the handshake and long gaze, or a really gentle lip kiss (the kind that shows you have mastery over the nuances of this art form).
    • Safe options: handshake, light kiss on cheek, gentle embrace
    • If you haven’t had physical contact during the date, this probably isn’t the time to start.

It Was A Disaster

  • Thank her for the date
  • DON”T say you’ll call her if you’re not. We believe you and if we liked you, we use a lot of energy being excited and in anticipation of your call.  Then it’s a huge let down when we finally get it that you’re not calling.  It’s evil, don’t do, be honest.
  • Be straight. It hurts like a band aid being ripped off and we may even hate you for awhile, but at least we know where we stand. “Thanks for the date, but our dating goals just aren’t in sync. Good night.”  Ok, that’s a tad abrupt but you get the idea.

Got any other Dos and Don’ts to add?

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Before The First Date

Dating is like shopping for cantaloupe.  You pick it up, inhale it’s fragrance, give it a little touch, tap it and decide “this isn’t the one”. Then you repeat.

Why did you put the cantaloupe back? Whether you were aware of it or not, you had criteria.  All your senses were checking it out to see if it was ripe…I mean, right for you.

Your dating can go more smoothly toward your goal if you consider 4 things first:

  1. What’s your dating goal?
  2. How much sex do you need to be your best?
  3. What are your deal breakers?
  4. What are you looking for?

What’s Your Dating Goal?

Why are you dating?  For the most part we girls find this out, the next day when you don’t call.  That’s kind of evil.  So what if you were frank about what you were looking for and we could see if it matches what we’re after rather than feeling crappy, embarrassed, stupid etc the next day.  (No matter how great the sex was the night before, if we think you’re going to call again and you don’t…it turns the whole thing into a bad thing.  So, are you looking for:

  1. A little sex (one nighter)
  2. A no stings attached, let’s hang out from time to time…and have sex
  3. A long term deal

Should you really say it if you’re just looking for a one nighter?  I think so..cuz sometimes we are too 😉

How Much Sex Do You Need To Be Your Best?

What?  Why would you say that?  If you’re looking for more than a one nighter, it’s good to find out before you’re signing divorce papers that your libedos are not in sync.  One way or another someone’s gonna get frustrated…and then resentful.

What Are Your Deal Breakers?

These are the things you won’t compromise on. Figure them out and then ASK first or on the first date.  Do you want:

  • A non-smoker?
  • 420 friendly?
  • STD free?
  • Kids/no kids?

Whatever it is, it’s better to get this sorted earlier rather than once you’re attached to each other and the deal breaking behavior is now pushing your buttons.

What Are You Looking For?

I have to say, if I were writing this list for women, I would have led with this one. But my understanding is that you guys…lead with the other stuff!

So, what do you want in a woman? Of course you’ll have her physical characteristics on the list.  But what other things are must haves?

  • Likes/watches/plays/loathes sports
  • Reads Wall Street Journal/Time/People
  • Likes/hates chic flix
  • Sense of humor that matches yours/laughs (appropriately) at your stories/tells jokes
  • Religious/spiritual/agnostic

You get the idea.  Build your list because Kevin Costner taught us all that if you build it, they will come.


Basically, think with your brain while it’s still capable of rational thought.  We’ll enjoy the ride a lot more if we know what playing field we’re on.

Your thoughts?

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Adapted from In Sync With The Opposite Sex
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