When Women Soar…

Today is the first day of the Women At Woodstock Conference hosted by Ann Baker. My company is one of the sponsors and I’ve sent a couple books to be raffled off.

What I love about this women’s meetup is that it’s focused on helping women 50+ (that’s why I was outlawed this year giggle) renew and revitalize themselves so as they journey through Act II of their lives they can live big full, passionate, lives filled with vitality and grace.

So many times we (at any age) get stuck in a role, a job, a way of being that is us living lives that are less than full. Some times we forget our dreams…our passions…our lives.  Sometimes we’re too stressed to even go there in our thoughts because we can’t put yet one more thing on our plates…even if it were to help fill our tanks back up.

Thanks Ann, for creating a space for women to embrace emerging the fullness and richness of their lives.  I look forward to being old enough to play with you all!



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