What Women Want – Love

At the root core, I think this this is what we all want – to be loved by someone else.  We feel important and seen.

The tricky thing is…everyone’s language of love is different.

For example, when I go visiting my folks, I feel loved when we sit down and chat and are focused on one another.  But my mom feels loved by being in the kitchen and cooking up a storm.

Being loving makes her feel loved. But when she does that, I feel bit abandoned I’m not the focus and it’s difficult to focus on her while she’s multi-tasking or I’m helping.

It ever so slightly changes the dynamic and that energetic flow/connection we talked earlier. So, we don’t have the same love language.

It was a great eye opener when we realized this disconnect.

How do you figure out what makes someone feel loved?

Ask them. They’ll give you the right answer.

But remember, with the next person you date…the love language will change so you can’t assume it’s the same (actually, that’s really dangerous territory!). So, you have to ask again.

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