Dos and Don’ts for Ending The First Date

At some point the first date comes to an end and you’ve got two options:

  • It went well and you really want to see her again
  • It was a disaster (or she didn’t meet your criteria) and you want to avoid her at all costs

Here’s a couple dos and don’ts for wrapping up the date.

It Went Well

  • Thank her for a nice time
  • Tell her you want to see her again AND you can even say “Does next Friday work for you?”
    • If she says yes, the date actually did go well
    • If she stalls, it might not have gone as well as you thought
  • What about physical contact?  (Let’s assume this is the “not a one night stand” option).
    • “Always leave them wanting more” is great advice.  So, you could do the handshake and long gaze, or a really gentle lip kiss (the kind that shows you have mastery over the nuances of this art form).
    • Safe options: handshake, light kiss on cheek, gentle embrace
    • If you haven’t had physical contact during the date, this probably isn’t the time to start.

It Was A Disaster

  • Thank her for the date
  • DON”T say you’ll call her if you’re not. We believe you and if we liked you, we use a lot of energy being excited and in anticipation of your call.  Then it’s a huge let down when we finally get it that you’re not calling.  It’s evil, don’t do, be honest.
  • Be straight. It hurts like a band aid being ripped off and we may even hate you for awhile, but at least we know where we stand. “Thanks for the date, but our dating goals just aren’t in sync. Good night.”  Ok, that’s a tad abrupt but you get the idea.

Got any other Dos and Don’ts to add?

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Images purchased from istockphoto.

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