The Road Back from The Dark Night of the Soul

I’m a rather calm, grounded, happy … even sparkly…. person.  So, when people find out about “my road”, they usually can’t believe it.  Not in the “no, you’re lying way” but in the “you’ve got to be kidding, I would have never guessed way”.

So, they wanna know how I did it. How I “turned out so normal” after…let’s just keep kindly referring to it as “my road”.

Well, “gentle reader”, there is no Rx for healing. Each person has their own healing language that works for them.  The trick is to just start.  Pay attention to what you are drawn to – a book, a class, a form of spirituality/meditation/prayer.  Maybe it doesn’t wind up being “it” or a cure-all for you but it will probably lead you to the next thing.

I’ve got a saying on my fridge that says “What if the next step is a leap of faith?” – Oh gosh, I can’t express enough how much I hate that!!! <insert wobbly giggle here> I want to see/feel/hear/taste/touch/sense the next stepping stone before leaping. I’m not a fan of “splat” and I’ve got huge “trust” issues in god/the universe/whatever…because of “the road”.

So, each leap of faith, is done while shaking…(or convulsing) and having to trust god/the universe/whatever to provide a decent landing spot.  Cuz frankly, although pain and sorrow have been quite the fertile muse…I’m willing to be mused in another way now…thank you very much.

lalala, rambling a bit here, sorry.  So, at the back of The Happiness Handbook is a whole list of resources that worked for me, one at a time throughout the whole journey thus far.  But if I had to give the top 3, I’d recommend that you check out.

The linking concept in each of these resources is that our minds are a very powerful tool. We don’t need to be at the “effect” of the crap that happens to us, we can “cause” or co-create the reality we want…it may take awhile, but we can do.

Oh, and as you saw in my recent alanon blog, a 12 step program has a certain perspective into a person’s behavior that may work too.

So, to those in the midst of “the dark night” – the pain is a guide, get support and above all…you can do it. After every night, there is a dawn and a new day.  (And…once you get through your first dark night…the others are easier to handle – what!? other dark nights?  There’s not just one?  Jenn, what the?????

Ahh, dear “gentle reader”, no one knows what lies ahead on the road – we only know that our “emergency kit” in the trunk keeps gaining tools!

To a lighter heart, and a warm loving smile on all our faces,


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