The Authenticity of Sorrow

Why start a blog about happiness with a post about sorrow?

Well, if I had started from happiness I probably would have never written a book about happiness. I’m also guessing that most people don’t google “happiness” when they are happy!  So, let’s start the blog here, at “not quite happy”.

Plus, I recently had a sorrow inducing event. My book’s about to come out and I’m launching this blog about happiness and…I have been less than happy.

I took out my book and I looked at the things that make me happy and I just wasn’t there with it.  It wasn’t time to “turn the frown upside down” (I hate that line!). I needed the space to cry – actually weeping would be more correct!  I needed to get angry and allow myslef to be angry. It didn’t feel right to just stuff all that emothio and just “be happy”. That didn’t feel authentic to me.

I wanted to choose happiness – but not at the expense of avoiding or ignoring what was really going on.  So, I’m hanging with it.

Next time – Techniques for moving anger and sorrow.

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